Monday, October 12, 2009

Front to Back

Note the two little teeth and the cute dimple!

Today Noble rolled from his tummy to his back for the first time. He is getting really good at propping himself up on his hands when he is on his tummy. I can tell he just is longing to crawl around already.

He is fitting 6 to 12 month clothes for the length but he is not too chunky. Long and lean is more his style. He looks more like his dad than any of my other kids have. His hair is far lighter than any of my other kids.

It is a strange thing to watch him grow. Every new stage remind me so much of Camille. I never felt that so strongly with my other kids. I guess because when the older sibling is still living you think of that older child at the age they currently are and it is hard to remember back to when they were nursing or crawling once you are used to them talking and walking.

My last memories of Camille are of her crawling. She had only stopped nursing a month before she died. Those memories of nursing her are some of the last ones I have of her so they are fresh to me still. As Noble grows and gets closer to the size she was when she died, I find myself remembering her so much more.

Noble's been sleeping so much better lately. He goes to sleep the same way Camille used to. He doesn't sleep well unless he is in his own bed. He has a really hard time falling asleep when others are in the room. Just like with Camille, he likes to be put in his bed with his head touching the crib bumper. He likes to have a soft blankie to snuggle up with. He rubs his face in the blanket, cries for a minute till we leave the room and then quiets down to sleep.

I wonder what it will be like when he passes the developmental milestones that Camille last attained and when he grows older than she ever did. Will he remind me less of her then?
photos by Lesli Streets