Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Conference For Me

I just finished watching the first two sessions of conference. As always, a few talks stood out as favorites for me. Right off the bat, I loved Elder Hales talk on Provident living and might do a post about that another time.

What really stood out to me, of course, were the talks by Elder Pino and Elder Scott. Both spoke of lost children. Elder Pino spoke about a family who had a 3 year old daughter who drowned. Elder Scott had a daughter that died a few minutes after being born and then six weeks later had a son who died after a surgery to try to fix his heart.

Both talked about the blessings of the temple and how the covenants we make there are such blessings to us. I loved the line in Elder Pino's talk when he said "At times we mourn, but we mourn with hope."

I feel so strengthened and uplifted by the examples of faith and hope and submission Elder Scott and the family in Elder Pino's story have shown. I know they must have felt much of the same sorrow and pain I have felt these last nearly 10 months. But, they have held on to the hope born of their faith through their mourning and grief. I strive daily to do the same.

This is the true great miracle produced by such intense trial. The miracle that is the product of steady faith in the face of prayers answered in a way other than what we had hoped. It is the miracle of the house still standing on the rock throughout the storm. It is the miracle of being held up by the Savior to walk on the water with Him when the storm seemed too great to withstand. 

Many are astonished by the miracles of healing, but I am learning that greater miracles are done within the soul than to the outward body. The faith, submission, obedience, and healing of the broken heart is a far greater miracle than the obedience of biological elements needed to produce a physical healing. More often than not, it is the former that the Lord asks of us. For it is this miracle that holds greater potential to more surely bring us back to Him.

Can't wait to hear more tomorrow.