Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Missing! One Lost Tooth!

Last night, with far less drama than last time, we yanked Annie's remaining wiggly front tooth out. We put the girls to bed. As usual, they did not immediately go to sleep. Sabrina was writing notes to her teacher and Annie decided to draw a picture of her tooth. 

Apparently she put the tooth down on her sister's bed, told Sabrina to watch the tooth for her, and went to go get paper for her drawing. Later when she was drawing the tooth she needed it to look at for her drawing and asked Sabrina where it was. Sabrina had no idea.

So now we are missing one lost tooth. We have stripped the beds, cleaned the rooms, picked up the mattresses. Nothing. I think we will be putting her drawing of her tooth under her pillow tonight for the tooth fairy. Anybody else had this happen? Did the tooth fairy pay up anyway? Annie says if the tooth fairy doesn't pay, maybe I should just give her money. Hmmm. 

I will have to get some video of Annie talking without her teeth. She is SUPER cute and with her permanent teeth already coming down we will only get to see this toothless grin for a short while.