Friday, March 18, 2011

Motherhood - Chapter 10 - Personal Gems

As a mother we get to be the discoverer of personal precious gems. When we bring a new life into the world we never know what exactly we are getting. Sure we can usually find out if the baby is a boy or a girl. But what kind of person is that baby going to be? Will the baby be the content baby who loves to sleep and never fusses? Or will he or she suffer from colic and cry all hours of the day and night? We just don't know until we get the baby here and discover this for ourselves.

As each child grows and develops, we find out more about their personality, how they think and what their strengths and weaknesses are. I can think of each of my older children and specifically pinpoint some of their strengths that fill my heart with joy. When I see them displaying these strengths I feel as if I am the luckiest mother in the world and I just want to burst with love and joy.

Granted, I can also think of some of their weaknesses and feel like I am totally failing as a mother because they have these behaviors I have not been able to teach out of them... yet I hope. But we are all like that - a mix of strengths and weaknesses. Even as adults we struggle to be our best selves and over come some of those weaknesses that would make our mother's cringe. Sometimes, when my children are displaying their weaker sides, I try to remember and remind them of their best selves and how much I love it when they choose to be that person instead. It helps me at least to remember exactly how wonderful they really are even when they aren't acting like it.

Lately I have been finding such great joy in discovering some of the precious gems of personality my son has innately brought with him from heaven. This age of almost 2 is such a time of growth and insight into the mind of a child. I never got to this stage with Camille. There is so much unknown about her to me. So much left to one day discover. So seeing this stage with Noble has been all the sweeter.

Some of my favorite discoveries as late about my little son Noble:

He is clean. I LOVE this. I mean I really, really LOVE this. Probably because it is not a gift with which I was innately blessed. Some of my kids take after me and just drop their things where they are and walk off. I have improved in this over the years but I still am not perfect at picking up after myself immediately.

Noble on the other hand, much like Ann Marie, likes things clean and orderly. He is quick to put his shoes away in the shoe caddy when he comes in the house. He will gladly put all his toys away. He runs to get a rag to wipe up anytime he spills water or anything else. When he has a stinky diaper he immediately goes over and gets a box of wipes and takes one out to try to wipe himself and then tells me "Mama, I stinky." He likes his nose and face and hands to be clean. If he is drawing and gets some marker or ink on his hand he will want it wiped off. He is happy to help clean any room. One of his favorite toys is the toy vacuum. He also loves the real vacuum and will pull it out and pretend to vacuum the floor. He is going to be a great cleaner someday.

He is obedient by nature. Some kids will do exactly the opposite of anything you tell them to do. If you say to go inside they run the other way. I have one like this. It almost works better to ask her to do the opposite of what you want her to do. But Noble is not like this. Lately we have been playing out in the street out front since the weather has been good. I have been pleasantly surprised at how obedient Noble is about going to the sidewalk and staying there whenever a car is coming. He also will turn his trike around and come back toward me when I call to him that he is going too far away. I find this unusually obedient. I don't even have to get up and go turn his bike around. He just comes back. I LOVE this. Especially when I am 9 months pregnant and it isn't so easy to get up and get him.

He is loving. He is starting to talk more and I love to hear him tell us that he loves us. I love that he is generous with his kisses. I love that when we say his prayers he remembers to say everyone in the families name, Camille and grandparents included. I love that he is loving to the baby dolls in our house and the stuffed animals. Maybe that isn't very "boy" but I think it is a good sign of a gentle nature which I count as a huge strength in a man.

I love discovering these gems in my son. And I love when I see a new one pop up in one of my daughters these days. Somehow they feel like priceless jewels in the crown of a mother's glory even though we really have nothing to do with creating them.

Here are a few photos of my little guy watching his favorite show and mine, Little Bear.

Oh I've been discovered taking photos!