Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Quote of the Day

Yesterday morning Lauren came down dressed for school in some brightly multi colored striped leggings and brightly different multi colored flowered shirt. It didn't go. Usually I let my kids pick what they wear. Only when their outfit clashes so badly that it hurts me to look at it do I send them to change. This was one of those outfits.

So I told Lauren that her outfit was too busy and she needed to change either the top or bottom. Then Sabrina looked at her and said, "That is like a disco ball gone wrong." I asked her where she heard that. She made it up just then. It was a pretty accurate description.

Of course with as busy as my morning was yesterday, getting balloons to take to the hospital and getting Sabrina to school early for choir, I didn't get Lauren to change so everyone at school got to enjoy her "disco ball" outfit. Cheers to you all at our elementary school!