Saturday, May 17, 2008


It is always a new adventure moving to a new neighborhood. We always like taking goodies around to meet the neighbors and getting to know new friends. This neighborhood has proven to have some very interesting neighbors. We met this one face to face this morning.

Lucky for us our neighbor Michael met him first while walking his dog and had a few rocks to share with him. This is the second rattlesnake our neighbor Micheal has killed in the last month. About 4 weeks ago he took his dog out at night to do its business and the dog got bit on the nose by a small rattlesnake. It almost killed the little dog. They had to get human anti venom from UMC to give the dog. This time they were more lucky and got the dog pulled back with the leash before the snake got its fangs in.

We have introduced all the kids to the neighbor and told them to turn around and run if they ever see or hear one of these critters. I guess that is just one of the perils of living in the desert.

Quote of the Week

Mama to Sabrina and Ann Marie who share a bedroom and stay up talking half the night on a regular basis-- "You girls go to sleep now or I will come in here and spank your bottoms!"

Ann Marie -- "Man, you sure are a rough Mama!"