Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Little Moments

One thing I wish I had recorded about Camille, were some of the little moments of tenderness between us. The joy in motherhood is most intense in small simple little moments.

I had one of those moments today. This time I am writing it down so that some day when this little baby boy of mine is a big hairy man I can remember the sweet little moment we shared today.

It was nearly 3 p.m. Noble had been asleep for almost 3 hours. That is exceedingly long for him. I began to worry as we mother's often do. But I told myself not to be paranoid and that he was very tired before his nap. Minutes later I heard his waking up cry.

As soon as I had the little guy in my arms he reached his hands out and grabbed my face and nuzzled down into me. It felt as if he was giving me a big hug for the first time. I could feel the love he had for me and it warmed me from head to toe.

I loved and kissed his little face and then he sat on my lap and held my hand and together we rocked. He was calm and peaceful and completely content to sit and rock with his mama.

This was one of the moments that make motherhood sacred.