Friday, March 4, 2011

Top Book Picks

Thanks for all the great book suggestions. Someone suggested a post on my favorite books. I found it highly interesting that some of my favorite books were included in some of the suggestions that came in from some of you with wonderful literary taste. :)

In trying to think of my top 5 favorite books I got a little anxious because I like several different genres of books and it is hard to compare a classic to a quick read the I love. Does that make sense? So I am going to do my top books in various categories instead. It just helps me organize my brain better and it will let you know the genre and if you like that genre you can look into it more.

So let's start with "The Classics"
1) East of Eden by Steinbeck
2) Grapes of Wrath by Steinbeck
3) Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin
4) Much Ado About Nothing by Shakespeare
5) Great Expectations by Dickens
6) Little Women by Alcott

Historical Fiction:
1) These Is My Words by Nancy Turner
2) The Agony and The Ecstasy by Irving Stone
3) The Work and the Glory Series by Lund
4) The Tennis Shoes Series by Heimerdinger

1) John Adams by David McCullough
2) Truman also by McCullough
3) The Blind Side by Michael Lewis
4) The Message by Lance Richardson

Teen / Fantasy / Science Fiction:
1) Twilight Series
2) The Hunger Games Series
3) Maze Runner Series
4) I am Number Four
5) The Mistborn Series
6) Harry Potter Series

I could probably keep adding to these lists for quite a while. But I have to pick up the Kindergarten crew from school now so I will stop. I am going to look into the Ladies Detective agency as many of you suggested that. I also picked up a couple of the other books you suggested. Looking forward to reading them.