Friday, July 6, 2012

Now is the Time

Have you been needing a new laptop, tablet, or smartphone? Is your smart phone or tablet cracked? Is your computer feeling ill? Now is the time to go to the LaptopXchange. I want to help our little family business.

So if you head to LaptopXchange in Phoenix, or Las Vegas (excluding the Lamb and Charleston location) and this month and mention this blog, you will get $10 off your service or purchase. It is a summer Daily Scoop sale just for you!

Summer is a slower time of year for the stores so now is the time to get the best deals. We would love your business. If you or someone you know is having laptop issues, needs a new laptop, dropped their iphone or ipad and cracked their screen, lost or killed their smartphone ... PLEASE send them our way.

You will save money if you make LaptopXchange your first stop for all your computer and mobile device dilemmas. We have locations in Salt Lake; Phoenix; Ontario, California; Tampa, Florida; Henderson, Nevada; and Las Vegas.