Saturday, August 30, 2008

How Quickly They Grow

Sabrina and Annie Sept. 2007 

Last night I was headed to bed after finishing my Midnight Sun reading. I heard a noise as I reached the top of the stairs and went to investigate. I found Sabrina up going to the bathroom. As I turned to leave her she spoke. "No, Mama, Don't go," she said. "Come sleep with me."

Sabrina is the only baby I have ever had that would sleep more soundly with me than in her own bed. She is seven now and seems so mature sometimes. I figured there may not be too many more years that she would want me to snuggle her to sleep so I indulged us both and went in to lay with her till she was soundly back to sleep. Then I stayed a little longer. 

Laying there next to her, I felt all my love for her wash over me. I was so glad we have had so much good alone time together. I love the sweet loving girl she is and the helpful sensitive young lady she is becoming. I was also astounded once again at her incredible beauty. The soft tender skin of her neck and clavicle were just a breath away and got several kisses from her mama while she slept with one arm wrapped under my neck.
"Some day she is going to get married," I thought to myself. "Someday some man is going to look at that neck and admire it with such different feelings than mine." I began to think, "Whoever she dates or marries better treat her with all the respect and pure love she deserves. He better adore her. He better live to take care of and protect her."

I thought of all the ways men can and often do inflict injury on their wives. Finding a good husband is not always easy. Even good men can make stupid mistakes that cause their wives major pain. I feel so blessed that the Lord turned Jon's heart to me. But what of my daughters?

I have no guarantee for them. Well, except Camille. I do have a pretty sure guarantee for her. Whoever she chooses will already have overcome the trials of this world as well. There are so many trials on this world she will never have to suffer.

Sabrina, Annie, and Lauren I will still have to worry about. I will watch them grow in beauty and stature. I will teach them and train them. I will admire and love them. I will hope for them and pray for them.

And for now, I will lay with them when they want me to because I know one day they won't ask any more. One day, they will be too big to snuggle in my lap. One day they won't want me in their rooms. So for now, I will snuggle with them all I can.
Sabrina June 8, 2008