Monday, August 18, 2008

A Great Analogy

I want to share an article by a local columnist from a few years back.  Thank you for sharing this this with me Jonelle!  You can read the article 

This article so accurately describes what it is like living after the death of a child. The rest of this post will make more sense if you read the article first.

I feel like I am learning to play that unexpected piano on the stage of my life. The music isn't always pretty yet. But, I think someday it will be. I have already found some joy in my playing. Some days, the notes seems to fall into the right places as if they are inspired. On those days I hear the voices of a supporting choir who, inspired by the song, have taken voice to sing along. There is strength in the song and it seems less sad when so supported. I have no doubt the Great Conductor is pleased with the music inspired by his beautiful, loving, diligent, faithful angel Camille. 
My Sweet Angel Girl Camille