Friday, November 6, 2009

Great Ideas

A couple of weeks ago I felt like I needed a little special alone time with Sabrina. So I went to school and kidnapped her for a special "brunch" date with her mom. She wanted pancakes and we went to a local breakfast place. She ordered some yummy pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes and I got a veggie version of Egg's Benedict. We had a great time together, made a lasting memory, and we had her back to school in an hour.

I remember as a kid my mother would once in a while get everyone off to school and hold one kid back and take them out for a special breakfast at sit down restaurant. Back then we went to the Country Inn. I always ordered the scones. These were not English scones. They were country style deep fried bread dough served hot with honey and butter. They were an absolute FAVORITE dish of mine as a child. Let's face it, they still are now but I just don't treat myself to them as often.

I love this tradition of taking kids out of school for an hour once in a while to spend some special alone time. Because they are taken out of school it makes it more special and more memorable.

Today my friend Chris Herrin (the Bouchon Pastry Chef in the Venetian Hotel here) posted on his blog about a few fabulous ideas for his upcoming restaurant. He wants to have a mug locker for regulars. You bring in a favorite mug and then when you come in they serve you in your own mug.

I can already see my kids when I take them to breakfast there. Picture it with me. We go in and they order hot cocoa with homemade marshmallows. When their order comes it is served in a mug I have hand painted that has their name on it. I have already reserved my locker at the upcoming Hen and the Baker restaurant. You can reserve yours by going over to Chris's blog and posting a comment for him on the latest post.

I am also thinking we will be regulars for kids "happy hour" when kids only can get hot out of the oven cookies after school. Geez, I am getting hungry just writing about this because I know exactly how good Chris's cookies are. I am a big fan of his chocolate chip cookies and my favorite are new take on Oreos (dark chocolate shortbread cookies with white chocolate ganache in the middle).
Okay now that my mouth is watering and I am seriously considering a trip to the Venetian ... I think I better go. Go let Chris know what you think of his ideas!