Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Going Under the Knife ...errr .. Laser

Tomorrow I am having eye surgery. I have worn glasses since I was 14 and contacts for at least 20 years. The last 12 years I have been either pregnant or nursing or about to get pregnant. That made me not a good candidate for vision correction surgery. But that is not the case for me now. And since I have a brilliant and local brother in law who is a Ophthalmologist specializing in corneas, well I figured I the time is now.

I am a little anxious. I am not worried about my brother in law's abilities or having a bad outcome. My brother in law Aaron is one of the most detail oriented and precise people I know, not to mention just an all around great guy. But since I apparently have somewhat thin corneas, he is having me do PRK instead of Lasik. So the difference is that PRK has fewer complications since there is no cutting involved and it doesn't decrease your cornea depth but it is more painful and has a slower recovery.

That means I am going to be in "discomfort" (not entirely sure what that means) for the next week and then I will have better but not perfect vision for the next 3 months. He says I should be legal to drive without glasses but I will notice it isn't as good as it has been with glasses or contacts now.

So I took a couple photos of me with glasses for the record since today is the last day I will be wearing them ... at least until I need reading glasses.

 Someone is sneaking in on my photo. (no more glare in my eyes tomorrow!)
 And he gets me!

Wish me luck!