Wednesday, August 6, 2008

News bits

  • It is the last week of SYTYCD. Tonight is the last night to watch the performances and vote. There will be the usual party at my house. 8:30 p.m. Treats to be served.
  • Tomorrow is the finale. The winner will be announced. Usually we don't gather for results shows... BUT the finale is when they bring back all the best dances from the season. Soooo, there will be a finale party at my house again at 8:30. We will have treats and there will be some sort of game to play along with the show.  Call me if you want to add to the party in some way. I know Cat is bringing fruit pizza. It is going to be the Best Show of the season so we need to make it the best party of the season.  :) By the way for all those wondering ... Joshua. He is my pick to win and who I will vote for. I wanted the top four to be Katee, Chelsie, Josh and Will. If it had been I would probably have voted for Will or Chelsie. But... we all know how well that plan worked out.
  • In other news, I have to throw a shout out of thank you to my ding dong ditcher on Monday. WOW. My kids think you ROCK and so do I. :) Thanks so much.
  • And the other question I have often been asked -- Will I write a book?  At the very least I will publish this blog as a book on blurb and make it available to the public that way. I would love to write a book. I love to write. If only getting published were as easy as writing. If any of you know a publisher who is interested, you can send them my way. ;)
  • Another item of note - I am now making public my email address for those wanting to communicate more privately than commenting. My email address can be found on my profile page.
  • Lastly, I want to thank all of you for your comments. I appreciate all of them. I have yet to be put off by or offended by any comment on my blog or to my face. Many of them make me smile, laugh, cry, feel loved, or just give me good fodder for a much needed post. Normally, I consider myself fairly unoffendable. I have rather thick skin and can debate many otherwise taboo subjects without letting emotion get in the way. Right now, I am not really my normal self. A large part of me is raw and vulnerable. I share most of that sensitive area with all of you on the blog. I appreciate all of you who have been so lovingly protective of me because you know this. Thank you to all my commenters for being gentle and loving in your comments. To those readers who don't agree with me or my views, thank you for remaining silent on such matters.