Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Motherhood - Chapter 11 - Juggling

With every new baby, or even every new major schedule change, we mothers have to relearn the art of juggling. I have been engaged in that tiring endeavor this week. The first ball I have been trying to keep in the air is my older kids regular schedule. I prepared well for that by planning other people to do their driving so that one has been pretty easy.

The second ball I have been trying to keep in the air is an important one -- Sleep. This has been tricky. With a baby who likes to sleep all day and spend "quality time" with mom in the middle of the night, and a two year old who has figured out how to escape the crib at 5:30 a.m., and girls who like to read in the night and rarely go to sleep before 9:30 or 10, well lets just say the windows for my sleep are narrow.

Luckily both boys have still been napping. They are both asleep right now in fact. And I SHOULD be in my bed snoozing with them. But we have a workman here putting in overhead recessed lights and he is making too much noise for me to sleep. I would put in ear plugs but then I wouldn't hear the boys wake up. Hmm. Maybe I will get a nap later???

And then there are all the balls that are laying on the ground that I haven't even attempted to throw into the mix again yet. Among these are a few I HAVE to throw in soon - like laundry (need to do some today), grocery shopping, play dates or outings for Noble and Lauren (they are bored of being at home and want to "go, go, go" as Noble says), and then there are other kind of important things like showering regularly and all that. :)

But somehow we do somehow figure out how to eventually get all the "essential" balls back up in the air. Because, hey, we are mothers. That is just what we do. And quite frankly... we are amazing.

Winner Winner

We had 2 winners for the guess the baby stats game. Rebecca (the very first commenter) and Joyce Kay both guessed the exact right stats. 8lbs 3 ozs and 20 inches long.

Congrats to both of you. I would send you a prize but realistically I have no time. :) Your prize is the glory of knowing you win!

Thanks for playing everyone!

Today at the doctors Harrison weighed in at 7 lbs. 11 ozs and 21 inches long. He is growing!