Thursday, April 8, 2010

the quiet

With a husband who works from home and works nearly every waking hour, I have become accustomed to having someone here with me in the house all the time. Personally, I love this. I inherited from my father a gene that hates to do things solo. I just enjoy the company of others. I love having my husband just in the other room even if we are working independent of each other. 

Lately, however, some of my husband's business has taken him "off site." He has had some meetings and lunches and even a business trip or two that have taken him out of the home. He just was at a meeting tonight. And it is so ... quiet when he is out. I don't mean really that there is less noise. But I feel the absence of him. And even if he is only out for a couple of hours ... I miss him.

I know. Pathetic. I sound like a newly married woman who is sad at the first time she has to spend a night away from her husband. But it is just the way it is.

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. He took me to a nice restaurant. We sat on the patio over looking the famous local dancing fountains at one the nice hotels here. It was one of the most romantic dinners we have ever had. The waters danced and my heart sang. 

I love my husband. He is my best friend. These short times he goes away only remind me how much I love him. Sometimes we need to feel the quiet to appreciate the background music that fills our everyday lives.