Monday, June 16, 2008

An Angel in the Family

A couple of things have really struck me as precious blessings at this time and I wanted to note them.  Two weeks ago we went on vacation and left Camille with her grandmothers.  This gave our grandparents their first real time to get to know Camille.  During this time Grandma Waite was able to write a song for Camille.  (she writes one for every grandchild and hadn't gotten to Camille's yet)  Also, last week we went to a Waite Family reunion where all the extended Waite family got to enjoy Camille.  At this reunion we took family photos.  I hadn't gotten a good one with Camille in it yet.  I cannot express how grateful I am that we have a decent family photo with her.  We also got some great individual shots of her and wonderful shots of her and me together.  The one above is one of those and just looks angelic to me.  How many people get to have a bonafide angel in their family?

Thanks again for the comment posts, and the prayers.  I have really felt strengthened today.  It has been so much better than yesterday and worlds better than the day before.  Day by day I guess.