Monday, December 15, 2008

A Fitting "Birthday" Gift

Well I know it isn't technically my birthday for another 90 some odd minutes, but I am going to post about the gift Jon gave me anyway.
Okay I am just going to say, photography is not one of my talents. ;) But this necklace is beautiful. My sister in law Darleen made it. Jon asked her to do it and helped conceptualize the design. Each of the five gems is a birthstone of one of my children and it is expandable for future children. 

How lucky for me that my children's birthstones also happen to be some of my favorite gems and they are Christmas colored. At the upper left is a Ruby for July (Lauren). At the upper right is a garnet for January (Ann Marie). The two green stones are Emeralds for May (Sabrina and Peanut). Lastly, in the center is a diamond for April (Camille). It is so fitting that her birthstone be the one to capture and refract light. 

I love the necklace and even more I love the meaning behind it. Thank you Jonathan and Darleen. And thank you to whoever gave the idea. I still haven't read the comments from that post. Good night friends and good bye being 33.