Friday, October 10, 2008

Story Time -The Little Girl of Light

I feel like making up a story for the girls for bedtime tonight.  Here goes...

The Little Girl of Light

Long ago in the far away land of the colored pencil forest, there lived a medium sized family. There was a mother and a father and three little girls. They lived in a little cottage made of colored pencils from the forest. They had a garden in the back of their house where they grew vegetables to eat. They had a cow for milk and chickens for eggs. 

Most days they spent doing their chores in the garden and keeping the house and making the food. When their chores were done, the girls liked to make music with their father or paint with their mother. Sometimes, when mother and father were too busy, the little girls would go deep into the colored pencil forest and play hide and seek.

One day they finished their chores but Mother and Father did not so they went to the forest to play hide and seek. The oldest little girl, Sabreeza was the counter. Her little sisters, Analeeza and Laureeza, ran off to hide and she began counting to 100. 

Analeeza found a hollow log just big enough to fit around her thin little body. In she crawled to wait while she wondered how the log had become hallow. 

Laureeza found a large raspberry bush covered in ripe juicy raspberries. Laureeza loved berries. She crawled right in to the middle of this thick bush and began to eat the sweet berries while she waited.

As Sabreeza finished counting, dark clouds filled the sky. The wind began to howl and it certain that a severe storm was coming and quick. Sabreeza needed to find her sisters and get home quick. 

She began her search but with the wind rattling through the trees, she couldn't hear any noises to lead her to her sisters. Black clouds darkened the sky making it hard to see where her sisters could be hiding. Thunder and lightening began to announce the coming of the storm.

Frantic now, Sabreeza searched everywhere for her sisters calling for them as loud as she could. Rain began to fall and still Sabreeza couldn't find her sisters. She knew they were in real trouble if they didn't get home and soon. 

Suddenly, out of the darkness she saw a small light as bright as the noon sun. It came toward her growing larger as it approached. When it was about two feel around and close enough for her to almost reach out and touch it, a beautiful little girl appeared in the circle of light.

"Hello love," said the little girl in the light. "My name is Cameeza. I am here to help you find your way home."

Somehow this little girl seemed familiar to Sabreeza and she instantly felt a great love and comfort from Cameeza.

"I need to find my sisters before I go home," explained Sabreeza. "They are younger than me and are probably scared from the storm. They were hiding for a game when the weather turned and now I can't find them. It is too loud and too dark."

"I can help," said Cameeza. "Follow me. I will light the way."

Sabreeza followed the light of the little girl till she stumbled over a log. She fell to the ground. As she fell, she heard a cry that was not her own. It was Analeeza. Sabreeza reached into the log and helped Analeeza out. Analeeza had been stuck and was terrified when she heard the storm coming and saw the darkness.

Sabreeza and Analeeza gave each other a big hug and Sabreeza told Analeeza that everything would be fine. They had help now to find their way.

Cameeza continued on and led the girls by her light in the darkness. Suddenly they felt the tickling of leaves and the sticky liquid of juice on their arms. Then they heard the giggles. Laureeza had not been scared. She was enjoying the raspberries and knew someone would come find her soon. The three of the cheered to be together again.

Before they knew it, Cameeza was moving away. She motioned for them to follow. Follow they did. It was a long way in the darkness that she led them. They had been playing deep in the forest. But Cameeza was easy to follow because she was so full of light.  

In time they came to the gate around their cottage. Cameeza stopped and so did the girls. The rain began to fall in earnest now. The girls were soaked and cold. The wind still ripped through the forrest. But the girls did not want to leave this little girl of light who had led them so faithfully home. 

Cameeza understood their hesitancy. She came close to each girl and sweetly gave each one a kiss on the cheek. Their cheeks warmed under the brilliant touch of her perfect little lips. "Don't be sad," Cameeza said. "I can't go any further with you but I will always be watching over you. When you need help or direction I will be there to help you however I can. In the meantime, the kiss I just gave you has put a bit of my light in each of you. This light will warm you all the days of your life. You will always know you are loved. Now go home to your parents. They are sick with worry."

With that Cameeza faded away into the night. The girls ran into the cottage. Mother and Father were so happy and relieved to see them. The girls told their mother and father all that had happened and their mother and father knew the little girls would not lie. And neither had Cameeza. She watched over them all the rest of their lives and was always there to help them in their darkest hours.

The End