Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Morning Thoughts

While running on the treadmill this morning (I know twice in one week??? WHAT???) I had a few thoughts:

The morning started rather rough. I kept having to goad the girls to get them moving. We had a hard time getting through the scriptures during breakfast with Noble causing many distractions. It was not Monday anymore. "Two days," I thought. "That is how long the new morning before school routine honeymoon lasted. I was hoping for at least a week."
Our Morning Distraction

After the scriptures, I reminded the kids to get to work and took the distraction (Noble) upstairs with me. Harrison was still asleep so I put on my workout clothes to take advantage of the time.

While running I noticed the sounds of music being practiced and dishes being unloaded from the dishwasher. Maybe the list works better when I just warn and walk away?

I noticed it was much easier to run when my eyes were up and facing straight ahead. A good reminder to me keep my sights raised in hope. Life just is easier that way.

Then I noticed how my face seemed to be pulled down with every step. "Life is always trying to pull you down, just like gravity. The older I get the more I feel that (both physically and otherwise.) The test is to see if you will keep picking up your feet and using your energy to defy gravity and move forward. It helps to have friends along side to encourage you in the effort.

Of course, I thought, sometimes you fall so badly you cannot get up on your own. (Insert a flashback here.) Well, I thought, I guess that is when your sister comes and picks you up off the shower floor to put some clothes on you and put you in bed to rest while she watches over you.

Eventually you get up and walk again. And eventually you run...

I finished my exercise, showered and dressed. Downstairs again I made lunches and barked out orders to get the girls to fill their backpacks with music for piano lessons (Saby and Annie) and dance clothes (Lauren) for after school. Then with shoes finally on I called everyone together for prayer.

Jonathan said our family prayer. That was good because he was not feeling rushed or stressed. During the prayer (during which Noble actually stayed in one place!!!) I had an impression come to me. "This is the most important thing you have done today. THIS is a sacred moment. Here your family is whole. This is when Camille is near. Even if you are in a rush, never let a day go by without this moment of joined reflection and prayer."

I shared this with my family after the prayer and then the doorbell rang with our carpoolers ready to pile in our car to go. It was 8:35 by the way Allison. School starts around 9, but we like to be there by 8:45. We get up by 7, usually 6:30 if we don't want to be rushed. Earlier is going to be a challenge next year when Sabrina goes to middle school. But it is so busy after school with activities, homework, dinner etc (we don't get them home till after 3:30 and by the time we get shoes off and stories of the day told it is 4.) I try to make them do a lot in the morning so we can have some down time at night.

Now the kids have been dropped off, Harrison has woken up and been fed and played with and put back to bed, and Noble is playing quietly with his cars (he is in the zone!) So I have a minute to blog. Blessed be the quiet, "eye of the storm," mid day nap time.