Thursday, May 5, 2011

I need to take more photos ...

I have been LOVING the "mother of the year" stories in the comments to my last post! Please keep them coming.

I recently got a new laptop (one of the perks of having a hubby that owns a laptop store) and it has a bigger screen than I am used to. I have my photos randomly doing a slideshow as the background. Occasionally I like to close all my windows and just watch the photo slideshow. In doing so I have seen some photos that just take my breath away.

Like this one the other day:

This is Lauren and her cousin Charlotte just a few weeks after Camille's passing. Elizabeth, Charlotte's mom, and my beloved sister in law took the photo while they were playing dolls together. Now it is not infrequent that Elizabeth's photo skills take my breath away but this is just a quick snapshot, not one of her masterpieces. What took my breath away was how young and beautiful these little girls looked. This seems like it was just yesterday.

I need to take more pictures. That is the conclusion I came to upon seeing this. It recorded a beautiful precious moment in time. Granted it was a heavy period of my life but this image doesn't hold the heaviness. It only shows the beauty to me. Sometimes when we are living our life we are too close to really appreciate the simple beauty of it. I need to take more photos so that in days to come I can look back and savor the beauty that is today.