Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Blog Book Came!

It came! It came! Today I got my "rough draft" version of my blog book in the mail. It was so exciting to see it and thumb through all the entries and see all the photos. Now all I have to do is read through it for edits and have a few other eyes do the same. Then I will order a hard copy for myself and each of my children and make the book public to anyone who wants a copy.

I did check on how much of a discount they would give me if lots of people wanted a copy. I can actually get some sort of discount if there are enough people. But even with the discount the book will be about $50 a copy. It is because it is 8 by 10 and has lots of color photos.

But if you do FOR SURE want a copy even if it is $50 or $60, please leave a comment on this post so I can get a count of how many I should order to get the discount. Otherwise, you can still get the book but it will be for the full price. And no worries if no one wants a copy at that price. I know it is a lot. Just thought I would make the offer to buy in bulk for the discount if enough people really wanted it.

Ann Marie started reading it tonight. I asked her what she thought of it after she read a few posts. She said it made her a little sad, because it talked about Camille. I told her she was right. But, I told her, one day I hoped it would be able to remind her of the little sister she has and what this time of our life has been like.