Sunday, May 4, 2008

That is Like ...

So my husband was talking to my 6 year old daughter Sabrina the other day. Sabrina told him there was a girl in her class that was having a pool party for her birthday. Sabrina thought this was kinda funny because the girl didn't know how to swim but she was having a pool party. Jonathan started a little game out of it by saying ... "that is like owning a horse, but not knowing how to ride a horse. Or owning a bike and not knowing how to ride it." They went back and forth throwing out examples of what it was like. Then Sabrina said "It is like being Mormon and not going to church."

Aah the wisdom of youth. That is exactly what it is like. May we all learn to swim, gallop and ride!

Loving the Blues!

My little blue eyed girl Camille turned one last month. She is very petite weighing in at only 16 1/2 lbs. Her eyes always amaze me. I had to put this photo my sister in law Elizabeth took of Camille up because it shows her eyes better than the one I put up with my blue inspiration post.