Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Girl's Night

This month I have had 2 "girls weekends" planned. My second one is starts tomorrow with the arrival of my two California sister in laws. My mom, sister, three sister in laws and I are going to spend a weekend here in Vegas together with no husbands or kids. I am sure it will be so fun. It always is with this group. It doesn't even matter what we are doing. I just love all of them and it is fun to be together.

Planning these girls weekends got me thinking about my own little girls. So I decided to do our own "girl's nights" in between my "girls weekends." So, for the last three nights I have had a "girl's night" with each of my girls individually. 

Monday night Lauren wanted to have a bubble bath in Mom's tub. This was followed by coloring together, eating ice cream together, going out to look at the stars together and then reading together. Jonathan slept in another room so Lauren could sleep in Mom's bed with Mom and watch the city lights out of our bedroom window as we fell asleep. She insisted on sleeping on "Mom's" side of the bed. So I went to Jon's side only to have her move 3/4 of the way across our king size mattress to lay right next to me. :)

Sabrina's night was next. She planned out our night with a list. After the others were in bed, she wanted to watch a show with me, eat ice cream, color, and read more of her book. She is reading The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. Luckily for me she was at my favorite part where Aslan delivers himself to the witch in place of Edmund. We talked about the symbolism and she figured it out without any help. I love that book. After a couple of chapters of reading, we too fell asleep looking at the city lights.

Ann Marie's date was last night. It was much the same as the others. The night started with watching a show, then coloring, star gazing, researching constellations on the internet. Then she "tested" me on my knowledge of Primary songs. She told me a song to sing. I had to sing it and if I messed up a word I had to start over. I had to learn about 6 songs perfectly. Lastly we went upstairs to go to bed. Jon's back demanded our bed back. So Annie and I went to sleep in the nursery where there is a queen size bed. 

Together, we went through some of the Camille only things and filled the cedar chest with all her things. We organized some of the other bins of baby clothes and blankets. We shared our favorite memories of Camille and then went to sleep.

Before crawling in bed we said our prayers. Unlike normal, I said my personal prayer aloud and focused my prayer on that child, how grateful I am for her, what I hope for her, and how much she is loved.

I know once our baby Noble comes out, these "alone" times will be sparse and I want each of my girls to know how individually loved they are. I enjoyed our "girl's nights" and hope to do many more in the coming years.