Monday, March 2, 2009

Spot the Lie

One of the ideas for our next topic wanted to know more about my law school years. I am ready for a fun topic today and this gave me an idea. I have stated before that I am a very honest person by nature. It is really hard for me even to exaggerate. But one game I love to play is two truths and a lie. It is a game where you tell two true things about yourself and make up one lie and people try to guess which is the lie.

I thought it might be fun to play a grander version of this and let you all get to know some other things about me that most probably don't know. I will throw three lies into my list of random facts about me. Your challenge is to spot the lies. I will be sending a fabulous prize to three of the people who can guess all three lies correctly. You have until Wednesday morning at 8 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. I will choose the three winners randomly from those who correctly spot all three lies. Deal? I will announce the winning screen names and post their comment the next day and they can then email me their mailing addresses. Oh and my husband, parents, and siblings are exempt. In laws can play but can't ask any of my siblings for help.

I don't normally do these types of posts that are so common to blogging, but I thought it might be a fun way to let you all know a little more about the lesser know things about me.
A photo of me taken Sunday in my new apron made for me by Marylin (thanks Marylin) with two of my chefs helping make the chocolate chip pancakes.

Facts about Stephanie Waite:
1) I danced ballroom in high school.
2) I have sung in a professional opera.
3) I once got a D on a report card.
4) I was a journalist in college.
5) I have been to several press conferences at the White House.
6) I sat across a conference room table from Al Gore when he was Vice President.
7) I have lived in 4 different countries.
8) I speak Spanish.
9) I can say a few phrases in Japanese.
10) I love to shop.
11) I play the piano.
12) I learned to play a little violin when I was young.
13) I prefer Crest toothpaste.
14) I only ever kissed 7 guys in my single days.
15) I went out on dates with exactly 100 different guys before I was married.
16) I keep in touch with more of my guy friends from high school than my girl friends.
17) I helped defend the head of the Mexican mafia in Compton in a murder case.
18) I never got anything less than a B in law school.
19) I am allergic to certain metals so I have to choose my jewelry carefully.
20) I have asthma.
21) I wear contacts.
22) I have only ever had one cavity.
23) I have gotten lost in the Pyrenees on the border between France and Spain.
24) I have danced with school children in rural Kenya.
25) The first time Jon asked if he could hold my hand I told him NO. 
26) I have had pneumonia.
27) I have never broken a bone.
28) The first boy I ever kissed was a Spaniard in Spain.
29) I crochet.
30) I have grown my hair out specifically to donate it to Locks of Love.
31) I enjoy playing football.
32) I golfed on our high school golf team.
33) I once saw Monica Lewinsky exiting the court after she testified before the grand jury while I was walking home from work.
34) I am terrible at goodbyes. I never feel the full force of missing till later and often seem unemotional when saying goodbye to loved ones.
35) The summer between my junior and senior year of high school I hung out nearly every weekend in a bar.
36) My 3 favorite household chores are doing the dishes, cleaning bathrooms, and doing laundry.
37) My 3 least favorite household chores are ironing, making beds, vacuuming/mopping.
38) I have had many personal conversations (more than I could count) with Senator Harry Reid (D-NV).
39) My 3 favorite treats are Otis Spunkmeyer double chocolate chip cookies, Baskin Robbins mint chocolate chip ice cream, and homemade oreos from the Bouchon Bakery at the Venetian.
40) Three foods I really hate are olives (especially green ones), bell peppers, and capers.
41) I had a lisp when I was little.
42) When I was really little my family called me Googie.
43) As a kid my family called me Tiff.
44) Nearly everyone who messes up or forgets my name calls me Jennifer.
45) One of the other names my parents considered naming me was Lisette.
46) I have seen the musical Les Miserables 3 times, each performance was at least 3000 miles from either of the others.
47) I have never paid to send a child to preschool.
48) My best friend in crime when I was really little was a boy we called Gooey.
49) My first crush was a neighbor boy named Rob.
50) I have eaten escargot.

Okay folks begin your analysis. I can't wait to see which facts you think are the three lies. 
****** EDITED AT 2:40 PM TUESDAY *********
Okay seeing how this is harder than I imagined. I will give the prize to anyone who can get two of the lies. And I will give you a hint. Also you can vote again if you have already voted, since I am giving a hint now.

One of the lies has been guessed lots. It is one of the most popular guesses. One of the lies has only been guessed once so far. And one of the lies hasn't been guessed by anyone yet. The last comment when I wrote this was my Husbands which was the best guess ever. He did get all three lies but thought there were more than three. I had to verify a couple of the truths for him.  

An Apology

I want to apologize for getting "snippy" in my final paragraph on peoples comments about the name we chose for our son. I was just a bit shocked to find how opinionated - and willing to share their opinions - people are about what others name their kids. I guess we have never chosen a name so... different to elicit such opinions. 

I was not mad or offended, just really surprised and I wanted to put a stop to the free for all opinions (at least the unkind ones). Jon and I have never really cared if other people liked our names. I knew when I put up the Jesse poll it was a slightly dangerous option. If you read the post attached to the poll, you can see that I specifically said that it wasn't that we were going to use that name, we just had been having a debate between the two of us about whether it was gender neutral or not.

Jon thought (and still thinks) it is TOTALLY a masculine name and would never be confused for a girl name. I can see how he thinks it is totally masculine but since every "Jessie" I have known is female, I think girl when I hear it. The name was pretty much not even on the table till I asked some who work in the office at school what they thought of the name Jesse -- boy or girl - and they both said boy. That got me wondering if maybe I was the only one who thought girl when they hear the name. 

So I thought I would get a sample off the WWW and see if the name was gender neutral or not. I told Jon I would concede to his view that Jesse is a masculine name if the "boy" vote came back more than 50%. It came back at about 39%. So the poll basically told me that I was right. Jesse is thought of by most people as gender neutral. It told Jon that 61% of my readers are wrong. :)

In any case, I probably should have taken an hour to craft my response instead of just throwing my shock out there. I was just taken off guard in that I didn't expect the announcement of the name we have chosen for our baby to be as controversial as some of my posts on religion. If I had I would have written the announcement more carefully to avoid mean spirited comments like the one my husband deleted.

So, sorry about the hasty and snippy retort. I didn't mean to hurt feelings. My intent was only to put a quick stop to the opinions and request that people be kind in their comments. 

Now to move on ... lets pick a new topic.  Anyone have an opinion on what our next topic of discussion should be? 

Raising Resurrected Children

To the commenter who asked about the LDS doctrine that mother's whose child dies in youth will be able to finish raising them after the resurrection:

It is funny you should ask this right now. I just posted a comment on our angel blog to a mother who felt the same as your friend. In an effort to save time and avoid carpal tunnel :) I will just copy my comment here.

On the LDS doctrine of raising kids after the resurrection: First, you are right to think of your child as an adult. His spirit is a mature adult spirit. All of ours were before we were born and they all return to that state after we die. Your child, however, when he is resurrected will be rejoined with his body as it was when he died. Meaning, he will only be a few months old. He has no need to progress in all the spiritual ways that the rest of us do. But he cannot become like our Heavenly Father fully without the full development of his body.

I don't know what it is going to be like to raise such a child in such a time and with a resurrected body. Maybe they will be teaching us spiritual things from their cribs. I don't know. Maybe they will, like Jesus who was perfect, still have to grow mentally and emotionally as they age. But I trust that raising our children in that time will be sweeter than I can now understand or realize. I trust that it will heal all the hurt to our hearts. Somebody will have to raise each child who has died in their youth. These spirits will need to take the time to grow physically so that they can be like our Father. This will not be holding them back. It will be helping them progress.

In my case, Camille passed away just before she started talking. She was just beginning to understand and follow simple directions. I feel like I did so much of the baby work of no sleep and feedings and never got to the really rewarding part of hearing her call my name or tell me she loved me. I want that. I look forward to the day I can finish the work I started by bringing her into this world and raising her for the 14 months we had her. I believe strongly that this time raising her will be one of the sweetest experiences of my existence.

It is hard to imagine how we will feel then. But it is only important that we live worthy of any blessing we may then desire and that is ours for the having.

Hope that helps you and/or your friend understand this a bit better.