Thursday, June 24, 2010

Noble's first "word?"

Me and Noble looking out my bedroom window down below at the girls in the backyard taking photos of the butterfly they released on Camille's birthday.

I am often asked if I can tell a difference between having a boy and having girls. Most of the time my answer is, "not so far." I mean yes diaper changing -- well there are obstacles to wipe around there. That is different. But he is a baby. My girls were babies. He has not been my most "adventurous" baby. That was between Camille and Annie. He eats a ton. But so did several of my girls. 

I always tell people, "I am sure I will see more differences as he gets older." Well I now have one difference that is fairly stark. My son doesn't say Mama or Dada on cue or when he sees us. He will babble "mamamama" or "dadadadad" but it isn't in relation to us yet. He will, on the other hand, make the sound of a car every time he picks up one of his little toy cars. That is not something girls do. At least not any of mine. 

My girls - they all spoke English first -- Not CAR. 

Having grown up surrounded by brothers, I spent countless hours making hot wheel tracks through my parents shag carpet with my little brothers. I loved the process of "picking our cars" before we would play. I had to make sure I got one of every kind for every need. A sports car, a van for when we go on trips, a truck in case I need to haul something, a car to take to work... 

I love seeing hot wheels in my home again and look forward to my years playing them with Noble.