Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chain Emails - What to think about when sitting.

What do you do when you get one of those chain emails? I have gotten these countless times from lots of my good friends over the years. Years ago when I first got them and if they were something I thought might be a good idea (like the recipe exchange one) I would go ahead and send them along. But I never once got a single thing back from them.

So then when I got them I felt bad not keeping up the chain because I didn't want to let the person down who was expecting something but I also didn't want to obligate any of my friends to keep the chain going. I came up with a new solution. Now when I get one of these I email back the person who sent it to me and tell them I just don't do any chain things and if it is for a recipe thing or something simple like that I send a couple of recipes along with my email so they can get something out of it.

What do you do? And who starts these things?

I know this is a random post but it is what popped into my head when I was thinking about what to write about today. I have spent much of today sitting. I sit a lot lately. My pelvis is coming apart and it hurts to walk or do anything else that requires me to lift one leg without the other. So I have been sitting.

I need a good book to read. I just ordered a few off Amazon. Some Deeanne Gist novels I haven't read. I like her books because they are set in historical settings and they are clean. I also ordered another that Amazon recommended. We'll see about that one.

Other than that I have watched my fair share of Little Bear with Noble. He is napping now. I am obviously scrapping for blogging subjects. Any suggestions?