Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lemon and Strawberry Truffles

What have I been doing this morning??? Making some lemon and some strawberry truffles for So You Think You Can Dance tonight. Party at my house at 8:30!

Dipping in the white chocolate.

I am trying Strawberry and I experimented by putting fresh strawberries in the mix. They are rather moist and a bit harder to coat with the chocolate but much more flavorful I think.

Sabrina helped me with some. Can you tell which?

I did a revival of the Lemon for my friend Emily who is coming tonight for the first time (she hasn't been able to come because her husband has been serving our country in Afghanistan. Thank you! I'll be sending her home with extras for her hubby who got home last week. Yeah!

Notice the empty spots where some big giant man around here snuck one or two -- just doing quality control I am sure ;).

Enjoy dance tonight and if you live around here and know where I live come try a truffle!