Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Story Time - Stellilalagoogoos I

Those who have read ALL my posts, even those before the accident, may have noticed my story back there in May I think. One of the cool things I have wanted to do with this blog was record some original bedtime stories I have told my girls so that I could publish them later. Then someday when I am a grandma, my kids will have a book of bedtime stories their mother made up to read to their own children.

I think I might be ready to write a post that is not about grief. So, here is a story (one in a series) I made up on the fly the other day to entertain Lauren and my two nieces Charlotte and Stella in the car.  
Lauren and her cousin Charlotte (Charby Goo Goos) with their dolls.
These two are little Mamas.

and the Purple Flower Juice

Once upon a time there was a little fairy named Stelli-LaLa-GooGoos. She was about this tall (show about 2 inches) and she lived in a magical forest in a little house with her mother. Throughout the forrest there were beautiful flowers of all different colors. The fairies in the forrest loved to drink the juice from the flowers. 

Our cousin, Stella Ann Harris

Everyday, Stellilalagoogoos went out exploring in the forrest. She took her best straw with her to drink flower juice. One day she was out exploring and she saw a beautiful purple flower. It was the most beautiful purple flower she had ever seen. So, she decided to have a drink. She got her straw (hold up a fist) and she stuck it down into the middle of the flower (slam your fist against the open palm of your other hand). And then she started to suck up some juice (put your lips to the top of the fist and make sucking noises). 

As she drank and drank, she started to feel funny. Then she noticed the flower was getting smaller and smaller. She looked around and saw that everything looked smaller. She looked at her feet and realized that had grown. She was now as big as you! (point to the kid being told the story). 

Stellilalagoogoos was scared. She did not like being big. Where would she live? She was bigger than her whole house. How would her mother give her hugs? Her mother's arms wouldn't even fit around her ankle. Something had to be done.

Stellilalagoogoos decided to go visit the giants in Gianormoville to see if they could help her become little again. It didn't take long to get to Gianormoville. She walked there in just 10 minutes. Once she got there, she asked the giants, who were not much bigger than her now, how she could get small again. Everyone she asked said, "I don't know. Why would you want to be small. I love being big." 

Stellilalagoogoos did not like being big. She wanted to be little and grow up to be just like her Mama. Stellilalagoogoos decided to find some small people to ask. She went to the land of Miniville where everyone was even smaller than fairies. It only took her 20 minutes to walk to Miniville. 

The people of Miniville heard Stellilalagoogoos coming from far away. Her footsteps were so big they shook the whole town. They were scared. They thought they might get stepped on. They all ran in their houses. They would not come out to even talk to Stellilalagoogoos. 

Now Stellilalagoogoos was even more sad and she was very tired from all this walking. She didn't want to be scary. She didn't want to be big. She wanted one thing more than anything. She wanted her Mama.

Stellilalagoogoos was afraid her mother would be upset with her for growing so big. But she really needed her Mama and she knew her Mama would always love her no matter how big she got. So, Stellilalagoogoos went home.

When Mama saw Stellilalagoogoos she started to giggle. She flew up to Stellilalagoogoos face and gave her a tiny little kiss on her great big cheek. Then she flew over to Stellilalagoogoos ear and said, "I see you found the most beautiful purple flower in the forest."

Stellilalagoogoos couldn't believe her mother knew about the flower. "How did you know?" she asked.

"When I was a little fairy, I found the same flower and I grew just as big as you are now," her mother told her.

"But you aren't still big like this," Stellilalagoogoos said. "How did you get back to fairy size?"

Stellilalagoogoos' mother told her it was time for bed. They would talk about it in the morning. Mama led Stellilalagoogoos to the back yard where there was a clearing in the forrest. Stellilalagoogoos laid on the ground. Mama made many many trips to the house and the neighbors and brought hundreds of blankets and put them all over Stellilalagoogoos till she was all covered up and she quickly fell asleep.

Lauren and Stella putting their babies to sleep.

When Stellilalagoogoos woke up it was very dark. She felt lots of heavy stuff on top of her. She started to throw things off of her. Finally she saw the light of day. She discovered she had been under all the blankets. They were everywhere. They seemed huge on her. She was little again! 

Stellilalagoogoos was so happy. She ran in the house to find her mother. Mama had breakfast on the table waiting for her. 

"Mama! Look! I am your little fairy again!" cried Stellilalagoogoos.

"So you are," replied Mama.

"How did you do it?" asked Stellilalagoogoos

"The purple peony is a magical flower. It's juice makes you grow 100 times your size." said Mama. "But it only lasts until you have a good nights sleep. Sleeping makes the juice lose its power. Just remember you can always come to your Mama with any problem or question you ever have. I will always love you, bit or small, no matter what. But I am happy you are my little fairy again so I can hold and squeeze you."

"Yes Mama," said Stellilalagoogoos. "I am glad to be little again too."

The End

Stella and Lauren playing house in the backyard.