Sunday, May 17, 2009

Answers to Questions

I have had a couple of questions posed in comments that I thought I would answer for today's post.

First -- Am I going to add a 5th ice cream cone to my header for Noble? You know that is funny because I never noticed that there was an ice cream cone for each kid. I had a friend do my header. If I knew how to add a 5th cone I would totally do it. Hmmm. I will have to look into that.

Second -- Does Noble have my hair line? Hard to say on that. He has so little hair and I am not sure what my husband's hair line originally looked like. I will say he looks very little like my husband. Or at least that is what my husband says. I think all our kids are a good combination of both Jon and me. He is no exception. At this point his hair line looks far more like mine than Jon's. His nose and forehead look like Lauren's. His eyes seem to be hinting they may be blue like Camille's. He has my feet and Jon's hands. Of course all this is subject to change. Babies change their looks so much as they grow.

Third -- How is Lauren feeling about boys and having a baby brother? Lauren said to me the other day -- "Mama, you know I REALLY like GIRL babies... (pause) and one boy baby." I think that sums it up. She has made one exception for baby Noble. She really loves him and thinks he is super cute. 

I got all choked up last night explaining how Lauren felt to Ann Marie. They had been having a rough day getting along. Both Ann Marie and Lauren like to be the boss and like to be right. That can be difficult sometimes. 

The three of us were in the kitchen last night and the subject of Lauren liking girl babies best and wanting a girl baby came up. Annie was not being very sympathetic to Lauren's desire to have a girl baby. I explained to Annie that after Camille died she still had Lauren around as a little sister to play with. Sabrina still had 2 little sisters here on earth to play with. But what about Lauren? Lauren lost the only little sister she had. So that is why she wants a girl baby. She loves Camille so much and misses having a little sister to love and play with. Annie finally got it. 

I told Annie that was the reason Lauren sometimes like to pretend she is the big sister and Annie is the little sister. She misses having a little sister. Annie walked over and gave Lauren a big hug. I think she may be a little more patient with her little sister trying to be the boss of her now.

Okay baby waking and little mothers upstairs with him. I am off.