Sunday, September 27, 2009

Home Again

I just returned home from a trip with my mom and my kids to the cabin. My husband had a business trip this week and so I roped my mom into helping me out with the kids. Having her help made what would have been a hard week into a fun filled adventure.

My mother is a serious over achiever. She came fully stocked to the cabin with all sorts of activities to do with the kids. I think Sabrina would have spent every minute with my mom if she could have. She loves all of the fun Nana brings to her life.

We read poetry, enjoyed the changing fall leaves, painted pictures of the seasons in watercolor, painted rocks with inspirational words and pictures of our family for a little rock garden, painted the windows with window paint, read stories together, sewed trick or treat bags, watched deer eating out on the front lawn, took an ATV ride to the spring, explored all around the spring and generally had a fabulous time just us girls and Noble.

Mom and I stayed up late talking every night in our bed waiting for sleep to come. I think that may have been my favorite part. I love my mom. I love spending time with her and talking to her. I just really enjoyed spend so much alone time with her.

The one down side is that now I am exhausted. Staying up till the wee hours talking to mom and then getting up with baby every hour on the hour makes for one tired mama. I am looking forward to getting into my own bed tonight.