Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Girls Weekend, and a little boy

This weekend Sabrina and I took our first Mother/Daughter alone trip to California in honor of her ninth birthday. We stayed with Aunt Nikki and Lily and Hank and helped Aunt Nikki take care of those cute little bundles of love. Sabrina and I couldn't get enough of those babies. We had a hard time putting them down because we just wanted to hold them the whole time.
Sabrina holding Lily

Sabrina was so good with those little babies. She helped feed and burp and calm them when they cried. She has grown up so much in the last year. She had presents to open up periodically throughout the whole weekend. We also had cake and ice cream with all the cousins and we went to dinner with some of our best friends at Downtown Disney. The whole weekend was so fun and relaxed. It was great one on one time with my sweet daughter before she turns into a teenager or at least a preteen double digit person.

We both missed out family here at home though. Annie and Lauren made cards for Sabrina to let her know she was missed. They picked flowers for her and gave her candy when she got home. I think they missed her more than me. Sabrina said it was the first memory she had without Ann Marie. She was only 19 months when Annie was born and they haven't ever been separated for more than a day before. I am so glad they are so close. They love each other so much.
Sabrina with sisters and presents.

Sabrina also really missed Lauren and Noble. She loves to nurture and love them. She has a mothering soul. I am grateful for her kind and loving spirit. And I so enjoyed spending the weekend with her. Happy Birthday Sabrina