Friday, September 30, 2011

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

We picked the kids up straight from school to head out for our trip to the cabin. Lauren and Sabrina began expressing their hunger. Annie volunteered, "I packed a big lunch and I didn't eat it all. I have some snacks leftover." I asked if she would share. Happily she got her lunch pack and began showing her sisters what she had.

Jon and I were talking and listening to music. Then Annie asked us to turn off the music. We did. She began to pray. Jon and I were happy she remembered to have us pray to start our trip. She was far in the back of the van so we didn't catch all of what she said but I did hear a bit about us driving safe.

After her prayer we complimented her on remembering and thanked her for the prayer. She said, "Well you know how I thought about it was because Jesus had to feed those 5000 people with just a little bit of food so... " She was hoping her prayer would make her fruit roll up and chips expand to fill them all up. Jon and I smiled at each other. Yeah. That was just awesome. At least we know she is listening in Sunday school and trying to apply what she learns in her everyday life.

A few minutes later we stopped to gas up before leaving the city and Jon asked the girls if they wanted to pick some snacks from the mini mart. There was much rejoicing. As Annie left the car she noted that this was an answer to her prayer. And you know what ... as far as I am concerned, it pretty much was. One way or another. The Lord provides.