Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! My 12 year old neighbor Rachel and I put together a Halloween Block party today. It turned out great. My kids loved having a bounce house to play in all day. So did all the other neighborhood kids. And the weather was perfect for sitting out and visiting with great neighbors.  Here are a few photos from the day.

Dr. Annie is trying to look happy after being in a grumpy mood.

Little ladybug Lauren got a cute ladybug painted on her cheek.

My bride girl Sabrina was having fun taking care of the little kids and playing in the bounce house.

We had a pot luck dinner this evening. It was well attended with 10 of the 15 houses in our development participating. 

The other night was our ward trunk of treat. Here is a seriously serious photo of all of us dressed in our costumes for the event. It was fun even though my tummy hurt and I felt crummy. 
We haven't had too many trick or treaters tonight. We live too out of the way for people to bother coming up for only 10 houses. One thought hit me that night of the trunk or treat though. I watched as all the one year olds came to me to trick or treat. That is when Halloween becomes magical for a kid is at one year old. 

Suddenly, you can walk up to people and they just give you candy. All you have to do is say "thank you." I think all my kids have learned to say "thank you" on Halloween. They watch the first few houses and then by the 5th house they are all ready to hold out their bag and say "thank you!" I missed having my own one year old that night to teach how to trick or treat. I missed hearing what her little thank you would have sounded like. But I enjoyed seeing so many others her age waddling around the parking lot in wonder and awe. 

Life goes on and children learn and grow. My little one is learning and growing in ways I can only imagine.