Friday, June 19, 2009

Dance Review 2

Okay it is week 2 of the competition. Last week was pretty incredible. There weren't too many I didn't like last week. But probably my favorites were the Many Moore piece danced by Melissa and Ade and the Fox Trot and the first hip hop with Phillip and the one with Evan and Randi. Okay I know. I liked a lot of them.

This week was less stellar. My favorite by a long shot was the contemporary with Jonathan and Karla. I loved that piece. I also really enjoyed the disco. It was like disco on speed. I am finding the costuming a bit distracting in several of the numbers. Come on wardrobe people! Don't make the outfit steal the attention from the dance.

I was sad for the people sent home. They seemed sad. But someone must go and they were not on my top favorite list so it was a good choice. Every cut is going to be hard this year because the dancers are all really good.

Also I was very glad Evan's brother is going to Vegas for season 6. Good luck to you Ryan!

I am excited to go see the show live this next week and am hopeful that Mia Michaels will choreograph at least one of the routines. I think it is about her turn to do that. I love her work.

I will let you know what it is like to attend a taping!