Wednesday, June 30, 2010

She Passed!

Ann Marie passed her Suzuki violin book 1 test today and earned her very first trophy! Way to go Ann Marie. She had to play the last song in the book perfectly from memory. Then she had to pick a number out of a hat and play the song that is that number in the book by memory. Then she got to pick her favorite song in the book to play also from memory. So basically she had to have all the songs memorized and performance ready. She worked really hard to earn that trophy and we are so glad she passed and got to see the fruit of all that hard work.

I like this totally spur of the moment photo I took about 3 minutes ago. I think you can see how pleased Annie is in her eyes. I also love that it has Lauren at the piano. She is learning the flute and her first song will eventually be Hot Cross Buns. We have been singing it to her so she will know the tune when she is ready to start playing it on the flute. Here she is figuring out how to play the tune on the piano. Currently she is playing it in a mock concert in the background for her sisters. 

I also love that Sabrina is at the blue table engaged in some art. She is coloring I think. I love the background of the photo because it is a true representation of our house. It is busy and almost always a bit messy but it is full of learning, growing and expressions of one kind or another. I am happiest when the expressions are artistic or loving as in this picture. 

It is also Wednesday -- my favorite day of the week because I get to watch some great artistic expression on So You Think You Can Dance tonight. Come watch with me and taste my newest tasty expression in the creation of "peanut butter cookie topped triple chocolate fudge brownies."