Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Good Hearty Laugh

Every once in a while we just need a good hearty laugh. I got one yesterday. It had been too long since I had laughed this hard and I really needed it. I have my little son Noble to thank for it. 
Noble is still in that sleepy newborn stage. He sleeps quite a bit. When he is awake he is either eating or working on getting bubbles out of his tummy one way or the other. He is not an easy baby to burp. Often it will take 30 minutes or so before we can get him to burp. Burping is important though because eventually the bubble will come out. If it comes up, it will bring anything fed to him after with it. 

So yesterday we traveled home from the cabin. There wasn't time to burp properly between feeding and putting him in the car and we certainly didn't stop long enough to burp him along the way. 

When we got home I fed him and gave him to Jon so I could make dinner for our family. Before I knew it he had thrown up all over Jon's shirt. :) Nice. So I took the baby (who was still spotless) and Jon went up to change his shirt. He came back a few minutes later with a nice new clean shirt on.

I gave Noble back to him this time with a cloth to cover his shirt and went back to getting dinner ready. Not 10 minutes later I hear Jon saying "Oh NO!" Yep. Noble had thrown up again all over his shirt. Apparently he turned his head away from and off the cloth just in time to get his dad's shirt again. :)

So I took the baby back again and Jon went up to get now his third shirt of the day on. When he got back I gave him the baby and finished dinner. We ate quickly and sat down to watch a movie together. Noble was now fast asleep on Jon's chest and it had been about 30 minutes since he last threw up. 

Suddenly Jon got up and pulled the baby off his chest a little. Apparently he had felt a damp warmth on his chest. :) "AW MAN!" He said. This time Noble had somehow managed to pee on his dad's nice clean shirt without getting his onesie wet at all. 

As Jon went upstairs to change into his fourth shirt in an hour I found myself in a fit of laughter and called up to him as he ascended the stairs, "That's YOUR Son Jonathan! That's YOUR BOY!"

Jon took a photo to document the occasion.