Friday, March 6, 2009

Girls Weekend Number 1

I am so excited. Today 3 of my favorite college friends are making their way here for a "girls getaway." They were kind enough to come to me so I would not have to travel in my highly pregnant state. My travel time will be about 25 minutes to the Venetian hotel on the strip. We have a room for the night, reservations at Bouchon, and plans to stay up talking till the wee hours.

So I am going to be "out on vacation" this weekend. Yipee!

I have yet to hear from Angie, my "winner." The prize will be some freshly baked double chocolate Otis Spunkmeyer cookies. I broke down and called corporate headquarters to find out where I could buy a case of the frozen dough. I haven't been able to find any place in Vegas that sells them. They told me there was a distributor here in Vegas from whom I could purchase a case. 

With the cravings at their peak, I set out immediately for the industrial section of North Las Vegas to find the distribution warehouse of Otis Spunkmeyer. Lauren and I found the warehouse, purchased a case of my FAVORITE cookies and hurried home to bake some up. 

I am anxious to share some of these yummy treats with my winner. I hope to hear from her soon. 

Well I am off to get ready for my "girls getaway!" Have a great weekend everyone!