Monday, June 29, 2009

Getting back to Life

I feel like I am finally starting to emerge from the newborn cocoon. Noble still is up 3 times a night to eat but at least not I know pretty well how to get him down to sleep. I feel like we are starting to form a schedule. It is nice.

So today I put him down after his morning awake time and headed to Pilates. It is my first time back since about 2 months before having him. Too long. It was pretty sad how much strength I have lost in those 4 months. I did alright - I mean I was sweating and panting and working my bootie off but at least I COULD do the exercises. At least until we got to the abs. hmmm. yeah...

I couldn't even do 1 sit up. Not even 1. It was so sad. But my muscles did get worked out and I am feeling it tonight. I will be working on those abs big time so I can once again do the ab exercises.

I feel worked tonight. It is a good feeling. Work really is a blessing. We don't always like doing it but it makes us feel good to do it and get it done. It is a part of life and a good part. I am glad to be back at it.