Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Day 4 Years in the Making

This is me four years ago. I was 5 or 6 months pregnant with Lauren. As you can see I had long hair. This was the longest my hair had ever been in my life. I had been growing it out for years to donate it to Locks of Love. When it was finally just long enough to cut and donate, I started a program trying to encourage others in my church and community to donate as well. So I kept growing it for another 8 months and cut it with everyone else who joined me.

All together we ended up donating hundreds of ponytails to Locks of Love. It was a great success. I spent lots of time working on this campaign, doing radio spots, newspaper interviews, visiting local churches to invite participation, and signing up hair cutters to volunteer hair cuts for those donating. 

Jon and I spent our anniversary that year in Brazil and as soon as I got home, I cut my hair.

This picture was taken shortly after I got my hair cut. All this while, Sabrina watched my doings. She loved my hair and loved to twirl it in her finger. She was sad when I cut it. She asked if I would leave one lock long for her to twirl. I told her she would have to twirl her own hair. 

After I cut my hair, she decided she wanted to grow her hair out and donate it to Locks of Love as well. About a year later, when her hair was almost long enough, she and Ann Marie played a game of "beauty shop" with real scissors. The result was a short bob for Sabrina and a VERY short bob for Ann Marie with some strange layers. :)

Since then, Sabrina has been growing out her hair with renewed effort. Yesterday I straightened it and took photos of how long her hair had gotten.

As you can see it was pretty darn long. She was tired of having it hot on her neck at night and put it up in a ponytail nearly every single day and night.

Then our wonderful Aunt Marleen came over to do some professional hair cuts for everyone. Sabrina cut a 12 inch ponytail off to donate and ended up with a really cute short stylish cut. 

She loves her new do. 

While I was sad to see her long hair go, she reminded me that she was sad when I cut my hair too. Just after Marleen cut off the ponytail I looked at Sabrina and said "Wow! You just look cute no matter what length your hair is!" And she is. 

Way to go Sabrina! I love you and am pleased with your decision to donate your hair to kids who can't grow their own hair.