Saturday, May 30, 2009

8 is Great!

Eight years ago right now I was in the hospital in MAJOR pain. I was about 5 hours away from giving birth to a beautiful gift from heaven that would bring me more joy than I could ever have imagined at that time. After a long difficult and traumatic labor, Sabrina Lucile Waite entered the world and immediately stole my heart.
Today we had a small birthday party for her with a few friends at Peter Piper Pizza. It was a very easy way to do a birthday party. That was exactly my objective with a newborn in tow. And Sabrina loved the party. She and her friends all had a great time playing the games and eating pizza, cake and ice cream.

Next week Sabrina will be baptized. In our church we wait till children reach the ripe old age of eight before we baptize them. This is the age the Lord has set out in revelation to modern day prophets to be the "age of accountability." Or in other words, the age where children know right and wrong and are accountable for their actions before the Lord.

My sister took these photos of Sabrina about a week ago. We used several on her invitations to her baptism. I love them and love having such a stunning visual record of my little girl at this beautiful time in her life.

Sabrina is a beautiful girl. I think this is pretty obvious to anyone who looks at her. But what pictures can't show is how incredibly beautiful she is inside. She has the most gentle loving spirit I have ever known. She is happy and helpful. She is very obedient even when she really doesn't want to be. She loves deeply and purely. She is completely without guile. The sight of her, the thought of her, being next to her, just makes me smile. It is that simple. She brings me joy. She is my gerber daisy -- bright, happy, colorful, cheerful, sunny, and simply beautiful.

May you always be as pure and clean, as happy and tender, as loving and kind as you are now my sweet Sabrina. You are heaven sent and heaven bound. I thank our Heavenly Father that He sent you first to blaze the strait and narrow trail for your sisters and be such a solace to me personally. I love you more everyday - which hardly seems possible -- but it is true. Happy Birthday Sabrina Lucile.