Monday, August 25, 2008

Silent Auction Item #1

Welcome to our silent auction for burn victims Christian and Stephanie (Nie Nie) Nielson

People have been so giving to our family in our time of need. It spurs us to want to do something to help this couple in their time of desperate need and pain. Knowing they both suffered serious burns and that burn victims go through numerous months even years of skin graph surgeries and physical therapy makes one shudder to think then of the medical bills that will follow.

Stephanie, and I are hosting this silent auction here on her blog. All money that is paid for our item we will donate to the Christian and Stephanie Nielson Rehab Fund at Bank of America. 

What treasure are we auctioning off? 

Something the girls in our family can't get enough of. Something close to our hearts. Something of value. Something that is one-of-a-kind. Something handmade. Something that represents women from around the world.

This Eye Candy Kazuri Bead Necklace

20 inches in total length
About a 9 inch drop
Colors: periwinkle, purple and marbled purples on the large egg shaped beads

Made with sterling silver secure closure so as not to come undone while wearing them. I made this design with some of my loose Kazuri bead collection. The beads are made of clay from Mt. Kenya and hand shaped and hand painted by underprivileged women who are employees of the Kazuri factory.


1) what am i bidding on?
This Eye Candy Kazuri Bead Necklace and free shipping of course

2) when can i bid?
now. the bidding begins with the publication of this post.

3) where do i place my bid?
in the comments section of this post we will leave the first comment with the starting bid such as "i start the bid at $40". then the next bidder can submit a comment with their bid like, "I bid $50." and with each bidder to follow they just leave a comment with their price. 

4) what amount can i bid?
please keep all bids to an even $1--no change please. example: if the bid is $65.00, then the next bid should be $66.00 not $65.50.

5) how do i know what the highest bid is?
check the comments. it will be the most recently posted comment.

6) when does the auction end?

7) what if i win the bid?
after the close of the auction we will post the winner and their bid. 
if you are the winning bidder, just email your contact information to 

8) how can i pay for the necklace? 
a paypal payment would be preferred. (that makes it easiest for us to transfer the full amount to the nielson's fund) but we will also take a check/cash if you know us personally.

9) will all of the money go to the fund or just a portion?
ALL OF IT, we promise

10) why are you doing this auction when you don't know the Nielson's personally?
because we were so blessed by the kindness of strangers in our time of need.
where much is given, much is expected. this might not end up being much but we feel a need to do what is within our abilities to help. help us help them.

*just a note: to donate directly to the family go to here: and click on the blue "donate to Nie Nie" button on the left side bar.

HAPPY BIDDING! click comments to leave your bid.

Stephanie -- "Nie Nie"

I am not sure how many of you have heard about the story of Stephanie and Christian in Arizona. My sister in law put a link to them on her blog with a call for fasting a prayers on their behalves. I took special note because we share the same name. Knowing all too well the power of fasting and prayers by the masses, I went to her site and read about their tragic airplane crash. You can read about it HERE.

This lovely couple have four children, another thing with which I identified. They are severely injured with burns over much of their bodies. Their family is caring for their young children during the long recovery ahead of them. My heart goes out to them. You can read about their road to recovery HERE. 

I am posting this now because the family is encouraging people who want to help to hold silent auctions on their websites and then donate the money to help cover the medical costs. We have been getting a few bills for Camille's medical attention and I know first hand how quickly deductibles and co pays can add up. 

I have been incredibly touched by the generosity of so many of you during this difficult time for us and I hope you will consider bidding on the silent auction my sister Lesli and I are doing for this couple. 

My sister will guest post the auction tonight for a beautiful Kazuri Bead necklace that she strung. It is made with beads hand painted by single mothers in Kenya. We both visited the factory where these are made and met some of the women. This company is designed to specifically help women in need. I love the story behind the beads and I LOVE the beads themselves. I am sure my sister will write more about them.

Thank you all for your love and support of me and I hope you will read more about this other Stephanie who needs all the prayers, and support she and her family can get right now.