Monday, April 12, 2010

Blog Book Birthday Gift

I have finally forced myself to start editing my Blog Book. It was so emotional for me to go through and put it together. I just haven't wanted to revisit it to make the corrections my 3 fabulous editors made to it. It has been sitting on my desk for about 4 months now. 

But in one week it will be Camille's birthday. And I want to get it done and publish it for her birthday. My goal is to send an order out for my book and make it available to the public on her birthday, April 19th. It is  my birthday present of sorts to her.

It has been hard even to go through and do these simple edits. It is like revisiting the day of each post I edit. I hurt for my former self knowing how much pain I was in when I wrote some of those entries. And yet, there are other entries that buoy me up and remind me of how strong the Spirit was around us in those early months. In some of the entries I almost envy my former self for how sure I felt. But then I remember, "That is exactly why you wrote these things down." I wrote so that I could remember now how I felt then and KNOW that all is right as it is now. 

The book is, to me, a treasure. It is a reminder of the multiple witnesses of the Spirit that came to me in the days surrounding and the many weeks after Camille's accident. I hope it will help my children remember and learn more about this time in their lives as well.

To anyone who may want a copy. Please email me and if you can get me the money for it by the 19th I will order a copy for you with my order. There is a discount if you order in bulk so we may as well order together. I think the book will end up being between $60-$80 depending on if you want softcover or hardcover. But I will let anyone who emails me know the exact price we can get with the volume discount. My email is stephaniewaite @ gmail . com