Saturday, January 17, 2009

Annie's Birthday

Thanks for all the great birthday suggestions! In honor of Ann Marie's true birthday today, I thought I would share some photos from her party last week. Today we will be celebrating with some cousins we haven't seen in months. 
Here is Annie next to the "Annie fairy" I drew of her for the game of pin the wings on the Annie Fairy. Tracing her like this just made me realize how stinking skinny this little girl is. her bum and waist were no bigger than her tiny little thighs. Okay I know I am not the best artist here but I must disclaim I haven't ever draw a side facing person before.  It served the purpose at least.

Here is how the cake turned out. I bought a toy musical box that had a Tinkerbell figure that went on top. It was a recreation of the music box Tink fixes in the movie. Then I decorated the cake to match the toy. It may not be pro but Annie liked it just fine.
Here is our little Annie fairy, all dressed up for her party and blowing out her candles flanked by her classmates/friends. She had a great time and we survived the party well.