Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Free Hour

What do you do with yourself when you have a free hour? Let me define "free" here. The kids are all at school. The baby just went down for his morning nap, which should last between one and two hours. Dad is home working so I don't have to stay home with the napping baby. I AM FREE!!!

On the other hand, there are dishes in the dishwasher waiting for me to unload them. There are clean clothes upstairs sorted and folded in baskets waiting for me to put them away (my clothes, not my kids clothes. I make them put their own clothes away). The family room has shoes and cars and pillows on the floor waiting to be picked up and the blankets are waiting to be folded. The floor needs sweeping and mopping. The non perishable groceries I bought this morning need to be put away. There are a few dishes waiting to be done after the dishwasher is emptied. I have been meaning to organize the hall closet for a couple of weeks now. My fridge could use a good cleaning out. There are beds to be made and sheets to change and lots and lots and lots of toys I could put away in the toy room. I could try to fix the vacuum that I broke cleaning out the car this weekend or mend my husbands suit coat that has the lining coming undone. I could clean all the bathrooms. I could organize the garage. I could go buy overhead storage for the garage so I can more effectively encourage my husband to install it.

Or I could blog...

Oh wait I forgot I have sewing class right now! I guess that is where I am spending my "free" hour today!