Friday, April 17, 2009

Camille's Birthday

April 19, 2008

Sunday is Camille's birthday. We will be celebrating the 2 years of having her as part of our little family. Last year we invited the neighborhood over for cake and ice cream. This year we are having cake and ice cream with family. We will also let her cousins exchange dollar store gifts that remind them of Camille. We also will be watching a slide show of photos of Camille. Tomorrow we will be planting a tree in memory of her. (More on that tomorrow). 

One of my out of town brother's and his wife and three kids wrote me a note to tell me they each made a donation to our church's missionary fund in Camille's memory. This meant so much to me. Especially because I do believe that Camille is out there helping so many people find the inspiration they need in their own lives.

This gave me an idea. I would like to invite all my readers to join us in a "random act of kindness" drive for Camille's birthday. I invite everyone who reads this to do something above your normal good doing for the day in honor of Camille. Tell a friend. Spread the word. Leave an anonymous comment to tell me what you did. 

It can be making a donation to a charity like my brother's family did. It can be giving blood. It could be doing work at the temple. It could be reading extra stories to your kids at night when you are really tired and would rather not. It could be taking your kids out to ice cream for no reason. It could be sending someone tulips for no reason in particular.

Be Creative. Just do something, big or small, that will spread goodness in the world and that you weren't already planning on doing. I have felt strongly that this is what Camille would most like us to do for her birthday. The rest of our "party plans" are really for my other kids and as a tangible way for us to "celebrate" her birth and her becoming part of our family then; and being part of our family forever.

Spread the word and please let me know what you do. I love hearing the good my sweet little girl inspires in this world. Thanks!