Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer is Coming

I have been making my summer plans today. I have a few pieces of the puzzle to figure out before I finish our daily schedules but I think we are looking at a pretty fun Summer if it all works out.

The weather here has been so incredibly nice - a full 20 degrees below where it was this time last year. We have been enjoying every minute of it.

Dance party is at my house tomorrow night at 8:30 come if you can. I will be making mint Oreo truffles. Yum.

I am looking forward to a loosely structured summer with flexibility to sleep in or take a nap as needed. But we will still be reading and learning and moving. I will give you a peek at our rough draft of a daily schedule. I will have a schedule for each day of the week printed up and somethings will be moved to make room for piano lessons, swimming lessons, viola and violin lessons, art classes, weekly trips to the library and maybe a zumba class I might try to persuade Sabrina and Annie to take with me. ;)

But here is what I have so far:

Morning Chores: MUST BE DONE BY 10 A.M. if finished before you get free time.
Upstairs: Morning Prayers – Potty – Shower – Get Dressed – Brush Hair
Clean Room – Make Bed

Eat Breakfast - Brush Teeth
Read Scriptures as a Family – Family Prayer
Clean up Breakfast mess
Unload Dishwasher

10:00 am Sabrina Practice Piano – Annie Typing – Lauren Practice Dance
10:30 am Sabrina Practice Typing – Annie Practice Piano – Lauren Computer
11:00 am Sabrina Practice Viola – Free time Annie and Lauren
11:30 am Annie Practice Violin – Free time Sabrina and Lauren
12:00 pm Lunch
12:30 pm Noble Nap – Family Chore
2:30 pm Reading Hour
3:30 pm Exercise (Wii – Swim - pilates - treadmill)
4:00 pm Cooking Class (make dinner)
5:00 pm Eat Dinner
5:30 pm Math Facts Quiz Annie and Sabrina / Sight word quiz Lauren
6:00 pm Free time
7:30 pm Clean up downstairs kitchen and family room
8:00 pm Ready for bed
8:30 pm Lights out

I also have started a list of fun things to do in our "free time." I will post it in one of my upcoming posts. What do you have planned for summer?