Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Swine Flu

Annie has been sick the last 5 or 6 days. It has been the most pleasant illness we have ever experienced with her. Usually when she is sick she refuses to walk and insists on laying on me and moaning the entire time. While there have been dramatic hours like this during this stint, most of the time she has been a pleasure to have around.

I think she has a mild case of the Swine Flu, though I haven't needed to take her to the doctor to confirm. It has been making the rounds and she has all the symptoms, though they are mild. One of our carpool friend got the same symptoms the day after Annie's fever started. Her parents took her to the ER one night because she was having trouble breathing. The doc said it was Swine Flue and gave her medicine. She is doing much better.

I am hoping that this really is the Swine Flu and it has hit us softly. None of my other kids have shown any signs of sickness yet. I guess we will wait and see. And Ann Marie is fever free today and will be back at school tomorrow. I will miss her. She is wonderful to have around. She is the best cleaner helper for me and the most fun play mate for Lauren.

We love you Ann Marie and we are glad you are feeling better!