Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Magical Motherhood Moments

As the last day of January is upon us, it is time to prepare for my February goal--no screens. I have to admit that this is likely to be harder for me than anyone else in my family. But I know it will be good for all of us and I am looking forward to the challenge.

I hope that being in front of screens so much less will make more magical motherhood moments happen, or at least help me see them better. I had one this morning as I dropped the girls off at school. After the doors closed I heard Noble say, "I wanna go to school with my girlie friends."

He calls his sisters his "girlies." So when they come home it is, "My Girlies! My Girlies are home!" Or yesterday we were playing outside and a neighbor walked by. Noble went up to her and said. "I'm Noble. These are my girlies. (pointing to where the girls were playing with a friend. then pointing to the friend--) Well not that one. But those ones. That is my Ina girlie, my Annie girlie, and my Lauren girlie." Noble has his own little harem.

Or another one came the other day as Lauren got creative with some diapers. She decided to have a diaper party. Here was the result:
Diapers hats and pants for everyone. What fun!

But one of my very favorite moments I captured on my phone with great stealth the other day. It was just one of those quiet moments where the kids were playing so nicely together. I absolutely love seeing my children play well together. I see it often with the older girls. It is thrilling to see the start of it with the little boys.
Noble and Harrison (and Lauren) got lots of trains for Christmas. The whole family has been having fun making new configurations of tracks.

Lastly, someone left this family's blog in my comments a few days ago. I went over and read this mother's "Anatomy of a Car Crash" series. It echoed so many things I have thought or written. I will be praying for her and her family. I hope you will join me in that. Might be nice to go leave them a comment or a donation too.