Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Response to Vera

The last comment I read was from "Vera" somewhere in Europe.  I will quote her comment here.

"I haven't commented before, because I never really knew how to find words that might comfort you. I don't have kids, but as a sister I can imagine the pain your kids are going through. I wasn't sure how you might think about the fact that even people in Europe found your blog and thus hesitated to leave a comment. I used to say that I am not a very religious person, but I think reading your blog during the last couple of weeks has changed the religious aspect. Thank you :-)"

I am thrilled that people in Europe have found this blog. I know there have been visitors from Japan, Germany, England, Ecuador, Argentina, Australia, Africa and Canada. These are just the countries I have noticed. I love that so many have found this blog. Every person who comes to this blog gets to meet and get to know a bit of my daughter Camille.  She only lived just shy of 14 months on this Earth. Most of that time was spent at home and with me on errands.  

I have traveled extensively. I have met so many interesting and wonderful people from all over the world in my thirty three years on the Earth. Had Camille lived a long full life. She too would have been well traveled. It is a priority of mine and my husband's to see the world and know its peoples. I feel as if this blog allows Camille to meet all the people she could have met in a long full life.

As for knowing the words to comfort me -- you gave me the greatest comfort words can give by telling me this blog has increased your faith. I hope that my writing and Camille's sweet loving spirit that comes through to all who read will increase all of our faith in God. Whatever religion you are, I hope you will feel closer to the Almighty Creator. 

I believe Camille is helping people get whatever message they need most from these writings. For some it is to cherish their children even more. For others it is to find out more about life before birth and after death. For some it is to help them let go of pain, regret, and grudges. For all, I believe Camille wants you to feel the love the Lord has for you and for your children. She and I both want to turn your heart in any measure possible closer to Him. 

I hope many all over the world will read this blog and that Camille will help them find the inspiration they need and are ready to receive.